School Holiday Workshop

Friday 12 October 2018!

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The school holiday workshop on Friday 12 October 10-2pm,  for girls and boys aged 7 to 12 years of age. 
Each session will involve a variety of skills, drills, modified games and netball matches to improveall aspects of your child's game whilst still having loads of FUN! 
All coaching staff are Netball Australia Qualified. 
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Our past Holiday Workshop with NetFit Session

This is going to be a GREAT holiday workshop!

Designed for girls aged 7 to 15 years, we will cover a range of age and ability specific activities - but with the inclusion of a NETBALL CIRCUIT. A high profile netball player from either the Sydney Swifts or the Sydney Giants teams will be there. Come along and get some fantastic coaching and tips from our game's elite.

The Netball Circuit session will run for 1 hour of the 4 hour workshop. Then the girls will break up into age specific groups for skills and game coaching from Love Netball's team of Head Coaches and Program Leaders.  Then finish with a 1 hour round robin carnival of games.

Lots of fun, heaps of games and loads of Netball!  

Outdoor Waverley Courts on Birrell Street. 


Who Is Netfit?

We provide a range of netball services to encourage and inspire netballers of all ages through fitness ~ Coaching Academies ~ Empowering events ~ Health and Wellbeing Workshops.

Be the spark that lights up your netball team ~ Bring a fire to your local netball community ~ Feel the spark of fitness and health gained through a sport we love ~ develop self-­belief & empowerment to achieve your personal best ~ Spark up your netball skills to be sharp and creative. And never give up on your goals and dreams. 

– Sarah Wall & Kim Green
Netfit Co-Founders

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Briget, Coach of the Bondi Beaach Pearls

"Playing the summer comp was a great idea, especially for us as beginners, our learning curve was definitely a lot quicker as a result of the comp and the girls got a great deal of enjoyment out of playing in a match situation."

Bridget, coach Bondi Beach Pearls.

Alison - Manager of Coogee Dolpins Under 12's

Our Dolphins team had a great summer season in the Easts Netball competition.

While they had been playing together for a few years, it seemed that they were in a cycle of just getting the team together by the end of the winter comp, then it would finish and they would start it all again at the start of the next season. They would be rusty and it took them till the end of that season to get their act together again.

We joined the Summer Easts Netball comp, because even though they lost most games, our girls loved playing together and they jumped at the chance to see each other all summer.

It was great, the competition is friendly, the venue is delightful. The team played all summer and they just got better and better, becoming a real team, so at the start of winter comp, they were on fire!

They are enjoying the game so much more and we will be back in the Easts Netball comp again this summer. The Summer season is so valuable to team improvement, but it’s also great fun, so a win for everyone.